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Travel Period
Nov 19,2015 - Nov 29,2015
Booking Period
Oct 07,2015 - Oct 13,2015

Trip Details

Liveaboard: Pearl of Papua

Destination: Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Duration: 11 days 10 nights

Travel Dates: 19th November 2015 - 29th November 2015

Embarkation/Disembarkation: Labuan Bajo

Promotion Price: USD2,310 (N/P: USD3,300)



Price Includes

- All meals and snacks while onboard the vessel
- Water, tea, coffee and softdrinks while onboard the vessel
- All scuba diving activities and all group shore programs during the course of the cruise
- Regular air fills, tanks, weights and weight belt
- Transfers to and from the vessel and the respective airports on the cruise departure and return dates
- National park fees


Price Excludes

- International and domestic air transportation
- Hotels and meals ashore before and after the cruise
- Travel insurance
- Dive equipment rental
- Private tours
- Laundry
- On board telecommunications
- On board alcoholic beverages
- Crew gratuities
- Nitrox use



  • No refund, cancellation or amendments allowed upon confirmation of booking.

  • In the event of no show, booking will be forfeited.


Pearl of Papua | Raja Ampat Liveaboard
Pearl of Papua is one of Indonesia's newest, most practical and great-value Liveaboard vessels. Built in 2010 with safety, practicality and comfort in mind, the Pearl of Papua aims to be your sanctuary at sea with its cozy cabins and en-suite bathrooms, on board pampering, delicious and hearty meals, and overall hassle-free adventure for up to 14 guests.
The 30 meters Pearl of Papua consists three decks  and crafted by the highly respected and renowned boat builders of Tanah Beru in South Sulawesi, our beautiful wooden Phinisi schooner is fitted with the latest marine technology and equipments that are ensured to meet with international safety standards. Specifically designed for liveaboard diving cruises, the Pearl of Papua provides a huge dedicated dive-deck with gear-up stations assigned for each diver throughout the cruise.
The Pearl of Papua offers liveaboard charters with departures all year round to the pristine RAJA AMPAT.


Pearl of Papua | Rough Diving Itinerary 

Potential itinerary for 10 nights and 11 days in Raja Ampat Islands (from Southern to Northern)

Day One: Sorong

Upon arrival at Sorong Airport our crew will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. Depending on departure time they maybe an opportunity to have a check dive just outside Sorong Harbour. Lunch and dinner will be served during the sail out to South Raja Ampat (12hrs)

Day Two, Three, Four, Five: Misool

One of the many fascinating diversities of Raja Ampat, with some of the most amazing land scapes imaginable, deep mangroves to ravines and canyons, the Misool Islands have been shaped by the powerful forces of nature, underwater the vibrant variety of colour of the hard corals / soft corals / fish species is wonderful. 

Day Two: Farundi

Dive 1: Three Rocks, Dive 2: Grouper Net, Dive 3: Yelit Kecil, Dive 4: Yelit Kecil

Day Three: Fiabacet

Dive 1: Reef Bayangan, Dive 2: Boo Windows, Dive 3: Boo Point East, Dive 4: Boo Wall

Day Four: Fiabacet

Dive 1: Tank Rock, Dive 2: Nudi Rock, Dive 3: Yelit Kecil

Day Five: Farundi

Day 1: Goa Farundi, Day 2: Three Rocks

Day Six: Fam and Penemu

The Penemu Islands very recently became an Marine Protected Area and we spend most of our time here in the M.P.A. Melissa's Garden has probably the best complete coral coverage you will ever see and no visit to these islands is complete without seeing the Hidden Bay
Dive 1: Reef Bayangan, Dive 2: Angelina Reef, Dive 3: Melissa‚Äôs Garden

Day Seven: Wayag (Northern Hemisphere)

After your tour of The Hidden Bay we set of for a 12hr drive up to the north of Raja Ampat and dive around the Kawe Islands and Aljui Bay. The entire Aljui Bay has been leased out by Atlas Sea Pearls and the dive sites include White Arrow, Tear Drop Corner and the infamous Cendana Pearl Farm Jetty. It is also possible to tour the pearl farm
Climb Mount Pindito
Dive 1: Eagle Rock, Dive 2: White Arrow, Dive 3: Pearl Farm Main Jetty, Dive 4: Pearl Farm Refuel Jetty

Day Eight: Yanggefo

After a 12hr drive back down to the south / middle of Raja Ampat we will dive at Yanggefo. Here we will dive Mayhem, Citrus Ridge and Gam Ridge followed by some snorkelling in the mangroves looking for the Archer Fish and seeing the unique corals that grow in front of the mangroves (normally corals grow 100m plus away from the mangroves), followed by a night dive at either of the ridges, we will overnight in the mangroves
Dive 1: The Passage, Dive 2 & 3: Around Mangroves

Day Nine: Arborek

The morning dives are at Manta Sandy where we regularly see the Black / White and the all Black Manta Rays come to cleaned. This famous site now has a line of dead coral where guests line up and watch the show. Third dive is a beautiful coral / fish dive close to Arborek Island where guests can also have a sun set walk on the beach before the four

Day Ten: Dampier Strait

Finishing off your great trip with two shallow dives in the Dampier Strait which has some great action packed fish dives, like Cape Kri and Blue Magic. After your busy diving schedule has come to a sad end we will have a lazy afternoon on Pulau Pasir (Sand Island) before returning to Sorong

Day Eleven: Sorong

After breakfast the Cruise Director will escort the guests to either the airport / hotel and will assist with checking in. Sorry to say that your Pearl of Papua Raja

Travel Info

From Jakarta
You can reach Sorong in a single day from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) en route Ujung Pandang (UPG) or Ambon (AMQ) or Surabaya (SUB) using domestic flight, Sriwijaya Air or Lion Air.
From Manado
You can reach Manado (MDC) from your international destination either through Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Connections from Manado to Sorong range from one hour fifteen minutes to two hours ten minutes depending on which local carrier and whether the flight makes a stop in Makassar. Possible flight options that you can chooses are Merpati Air, Lion Air, and Sriwijaya Air.
From Bali
This trip requires two legs and an overnight stay after arriving from your international destination; first a 75-minute flight from Denpasar (DPS) to Makassar (UPG), and a two-hour-and-ten-minute fight from Makassar to Sorong on the next day. Returning to Denpasar is a single-day trip either through Makassar again or through Ambon (AMQ). The flight option from Bali are using Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air.